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The launch of Desimark

Written by Robert Hyunh

February 5, 2022

Desimark has arrived

Led by the DESIMARK’s Director of Marketing, Manny Kang, we are thrilled to introduce Glacier Media’s newest division focused on providing digital marketing solutions to reach South Asian audiences.

South Asian consumers are among the most tech-savvy demographic groups and are more likely to own the latest smartphone, Smart TV and other electronic devices. With this potential, our diverse team has the cross-cultural sensibilities and the technical know-how to develop comprehensive marketing programs to target users across the web, streaming audio sites and connected TV to enhance your brand value.

Our Identity

Upon receiving the internal memo about this initiative, we were referring to the division as the Desi Marketing Group. After a few conversations, we had switched to using a shorthand name – Desimark – and thus the brand was born.

In honour of the vibrant Desi community, the sunny mandala symbol in our visual identity represents a burst of culture and joy. It also acts as a spotlight motif that calls attention to our celebrations, our modern lifestyle, and the issues that matter most to our friends, families and business partners.

With Desimark’s vision to become a leading digital marketing service provider to reach South Asian audiences in Canada, our design strategy was to champion a union of tradition and modernity. When studying the landscape of South Asian representation in western media, there is an aesthetic fusion that this dual-culture audience recognizes. The logo celebrates this by combining a mandala-inspired symbol with a distinct geometric typeface.

Some brands are not bound to a colour palette, and Desimark is such a brand. Our main criteria for colour expression is to portray a wide range of happiness. Bright colours naturally come to mind when we think of traditional South Asian celebrations, however, daily life in Canada may require a more relaxed approach. Muted tones bring a sense warmth and openness.

Desimark Moments

Morning yoga, a cup of midday chai after meditation, and calling a meeting to plan the next big Indian wedding are just a few samples of the frequent joys of everyday life. We think of them all as Desimark moments. Within these few activities, there are consumer needs that can be met by the business community and Desimark stands to bring a spotlight to this savvy audience’s everyday needs.

Although the South Asian community is one of the largest minority groups in Canada, they are underrepresented in marketing media. Imagine if they could feel seen and reflected by your brand. Now that is a Desimark moment that would grab their attention.

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The team behind Desimark

The team behind Desimark

Desimark is powered by Glacier Media Digital and our team members come from a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds.